How do I choose my perfect shade?

Don’t worry. It's so easy!!!

Just ask yourself three short questions

  1. Currently, is my overall hair colour (not regrowth) blonde, brown or red?
  2. Am I lighter or darker?
  3. Do I like red or gold in my shade?

If I do not like red or gold in my shade, I am not going to choose a shade with red or gold in the name even if I like the way the colour looks on the box.

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What are the biggest mistakes clients make when colouring their hair?

There are two main things that I would recommend you NOT do at home. The first one is trying to achieve a lighter hair colour by putting a lighter shade over a darker shade. This will never work. You cannot put a lighter shade of hair colour over darker hair colour and expect it to lift (lighten) properly, if at all. Colour does not lift colour. The only way to significantly lighten your hair is to highlight it.

The second mistake I see is when a client tries to go more than two levels lighter than what they currently are. When you go more than two levels lighter, you should highlight your hair first with the KELLY VAN GOGH™ Luxury Highlighting Kit to remove some of the dark colour and then you can apply a lighter colour over the highlights if you wish. If you are very dark and want to go significantly lighter, this is considered corrective colour and my products are way too gentle to perform such an aggressive change. I want to keep your hair healthy, shiny and beautiful. That is my main goal. Healthy, vital hair makes everyone look younger. Damaged, over-processed hair looks older and tired.

Check out my youtube video on how to go blonde fast! Watch Here

Can I go darker or redder if my hair is lighter?

Yes, absolutely!!! If you are lighter and want to go darker or redder, that is no problem and it is a very easy look to achieve. Apply MASTER BLEND™ all over from root to ends, really saturating your hair well. After application, leave on for a full 45 minutes and voilà! You just made a great change!

Why doesn't KELLY VAN GOGH MASTER BLEND™ drip, stain or smell like other colours?

KELLY VAN GOGH MASTER BLEND™ doesn't use harsh amounts of ammonia or aggressive ingredients like most permanent colour lines do. Kelly's patented caviar oil repairing system helps diminish staining of the skin and the amino proteins and rich conditioners make the colour thick and creamy like a luxury treatment for the hair. So the formula won’t drip. It won’t stain your skin and it smells really beautiful.

How long do I leave the colour on?

The colour has to be left on for a full 45 minutes after you finish applying. No exceptions. MASTER BLEND™ is extremely gentle on the hair and therefore is not a quick fix. This is a luxury treatment for the hair and the ingredients need time to penetrate deep into the cortex. This is why KELLY VAN GOGH MASTER BLEND™ lasts 10 times longer than the leading professional and drugstore brands.

What if I have stubborn grays?

If you have stubborn grays and want complete coverage, use the entire tube of crème colour but only use 3/4 of the bottle of developer (1.75 oz.). This will give you more deposit of colour and will take care of those stubborn gray hairs.

How do I protect my colour and why is it so important to do so?

You would never wash a new red silk blouse in just any old detergent would you? No, because it will fade. The same thing goes for hair colour. You have to protect your hair colour properly against its worst enemies: caustic water, thermal heat styling, UV rays, environmental pollutants and porosity (dryness/damage). KELLY VAN GOGH™ Caviar Colour Protecting Products are the only ones that protect against all of hair colour's worst enemies. Plus, it corrects damaged hair making a beautiful canvas for colour the next time.

What is porosity in hair?

Your hair is like a sponge with holes in it. Porosity occurs when you damage your hair and it has too many holes in it. You must correct porosity in your hair if it is damaged before you colour. All KELLY VAN GOGH™ products correct porosity especially MASTER BLEND™ hair colour itself. Rich & Delicious™ Intense Repair Caviar Hair Masque for Stressed Out Hair is a wonderful treatment that should be done weekly for the best results.

Conditioners make my hair flat. Why do I need to condition my hair?

If you colour your hair, you must condition with the proper colour protecting products or else your colour will fade. The right conditioner will seal and protect your hair colour. KELLY VAN GOGH™ Colour Protecting Caviar Conditioner, Rich & Delicious™ Intense Repair Caviar Hair Masque and WONDERLUST™ Hair Colour Protecting & Illuminating Tonic all are wonderful protectors and will make hair colour come alive and be brilliant.

What if I want to switch shades and I am in the VIP Insider’s Convenience Auto Ship Program?

No problem, just email us at and we can adjust your shade for your next shipment. I want you to have the perfect shade and love, love, love your hair colour. We will do whatever it takes to make you happy. I am right here with you every step of the way.

If I didn’t answer your question or you need more help, just email and we will answer your question right away.

You can do this yourself! I promise!